Histogenesis and Morphogenesis of Cortical Structures

  • Marcus Jacobson


Three important theories of nervous organization, valid for our time , emerged from the cell theory. Firstly, the demonstration that the nerve cell and fiber are parts of the same structure (first claimed by Remak, 1838) was the first step in the formulation of the neuron theory, which is discussed in Sections 5.1 and 6.1. Secondly, recognition that there are different types of nerve cells, even in the same region, was the beginning of the theory of neuronal typology. Thirdly, realization that there are regionally specific patterns of nerve cells and fibers , especially in the cerebral cortex, was the beginning of a theory of cytoarchitectonics (reviewed by Brodmann, 1909; Lorente de No, 1943; Kemper and Galaburde, 1984).


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