Evaluating the Outcomes of Deafness as a Natural Experiment

  • Jeffery P. Braden
Part of the Perspectives on Individual Differences book series (PIDF)


What can the study of deaf people tell us about intelligence and differences in IQ between groups? The data in Chapter 3 are provocative in suggesting ways that environment does, and does not, affect IQ differences between groups. However, there are many factors confounded with deafness, and many alternative explanations of outcomes, that must be considered carefully before drawing conclusions. This chapter is devoted to an examination of three hypotheses that might affect between-group differences in IQ: (1) bias in mental tests, (2) the influence of compensation on IQs, and (3) experimental procedures used to obtain IQs. Each of these rival hypotheses will be considered with respect to their potential to account for the results obtained from deafness as a natural experiment.


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