In an undergraduate mathematics curriculum, graphs are traditionally introduced in a course on discrete mathematics, if at all. The theory of graphs is a recent and growing branch of mathematics. The topic is well worth a semester course. However, time is short and our goal here is only to introduce the elementary terminology so that we will have some idea of what “graph theory” means. Of course the first question has to be, What is a graph? As we will see, that is not an easy question to answer; not because the question is so difficult, but because the terminology is not only not standard, it is all over the place. It is easy to say a couple things about what we are not going to talk about. We are not talking about bar graphs or pie charts. We are also not talking about the graphs of functions. For example, parabolas and hyperbolas are not at all what we have in mind.


Span Tree Planar Graph Hamilton Cycle Simple Graph Hamilton Path 
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