Video Modeling

  • Milan Petković
  • Willem Jonker
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Content-based video retrieval requires changes in a multimedia database management system relative to a traditional database management system. These changes take effect mainly with respect to modeling and querying techniques. As stated in [1], a multimedia data model should be different from a traditional data model. First of all, a video data model has to manage all modalities involved in a video document, i.e. visual, auditory, and textual modalities. Next, a multimedia data model should include the elements that represent the content of these modalities, together with the elements that represent their inherent structural properties. It should be able to capture and represent various types of information about multimedia objects, their structures, operations, and properties, as well as real-world objects and relationships among them. Therefore, it has to provide a sophisticated representation of video content in terms of low-level features and high-level concepts, and enable satisfactory retrieval capabilities. In a multimedia environment, browsing has additional importance and queries can be based not only on an exact matching but also on degrees of similarity, which has to be supported starting from the data model.


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