Painting Pictures with Enamel
  • Ettagale Blauer


The successful goldsmith must bring two contradictory qualities to the work: to be highly emotional in expressing artistry and yet coolly precise in execution. And while goldsmithing, as a medium, demands this difficult juxtaposition for any kind of work, the jeweler working in the enameling technique called cloisonné requires it to an extreme degree. Like granulation, enameling is a demanding taskmaster that offers no scope for error. If the work stays the slightest bit too long in the kiln, or the heat is set slightly too high, or just a bit too much pressure is applied when smoothing each layer, the work is destroyed. Yet, to stand apart from the ordinary, an enamelist must be a free spirit when it comes to design. And finally, the enamel itself must be set into a piece of jewelry that is both pleasing to the eye and wearable. This latter demand is a challenge simply from the standpoint of weight, enamel being a form of glass.


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