A Proposed Taxonomy of Media Collections and Its Implications for Design and Management of Multimedia Databases

  • Valerie J. Hobbs
  • Diarmuid J. Pigott
Conference paper


The extension of the principles of database management to encompass collections of media artefacts has led to a new range of solutions, and a matching extensive literature covering both research (including content-based retrieval, metadata standards and cataloguing, best practices for media acquisition, and digital preservation) and implementation (from web page content management to online museums, digital libraries, media archives and satellite and medical imaging). To make use of, and contribute to, this literature (whether by further research, design or new implementations) there must first be an overview of the domain. There are two ways in which this overview can be attained: one is to have a continual survey of what exists, and the other is to establish a comprehensive system of classification.


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  • Diarmuid J. Pigott
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