Numerical Methods

  • Philip Dyke
Part of the Topics in Environmental Fluid Mechanics book series (EFMS, volume 2)


Numerical analysis is now a well established branch of mathematics. What we do not want to do here is to spend pages going through fundamental principles. However a brief recap is a good idea. For those who are familiar with finite differences the next section should be easy, however there are many environmental scientists without this background so no apology for the brief recap is necessary. Most of the effort should be channeled to understanding the wider implications of applying the methods and not so much on the fine details. It is accepted that what follows will not perhaps enable the reader to build his or her own model from equations to computer code, it should however help you to understand existing software and more importantly be better able to judge their pitfalls.


Finite Difference Step Length Eddy Viscosity Truncation Error Finite Difference Scheme 
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