Localization and Function of M-Line-Bound Creatine Kinase

M-Band Model and Creatine Phosphate Shuttle
  • Theo Wallimann
  • Hans M. Eppenberger


The electron-opaque M line or M band that transverses the center of the A band is one of the striking features of cross-striated muscle myofibrils seen with the electron microscope (Figs. 1–5). It appears to be the only myofibrillar structure that connects thick filaments directly to each other. After in situ fixation of skeletal muscle, dehydration, and standard embedding for electron microscopic examination, the M-band structure appears as a complex structure made up of several transverse elements connecting the thick filaments through the bare zone region and giving rise to the typical hexagonal thick-filament lattice (Franzini-Armstrong and Porter, 1964; Knappeis and Carlsen, 1968; Pepe, 1971) (see Fig. 1). High-resolution electron microscopy in combination with image analysis of ultrathin transverse sections of muscle fiber bundles shows a hexagonal lattice of thick filaments interconnected by primary m-bridge structures (nomenclature according to Sjöström and Squire, 1977a,b) (Fig. 1, M4) often seen to have a circular thickening in the middle (Luther and Squire, 1978; Luther et al, 1981). At a different level in transverse sections, Y-shaped secondary m bridges (M3) connecting the nodular enlargements (MF) are observed as well (Luther and Squire, 1978; Luther et al., 1981) (Fig.1).


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