Apron and Mold Conveyors

  • Jacob Fruchtbaum


Apron conveyors for handling bulk materials are usually made of metal pans, either overlapping or hinged at the articulation points, and mounted on a double strand of steel strap roller chain and riding on single-flanged rollers. They operate horizontally or at inclines up to about 25°, sometimes even 30°, from the horizontal, depending on material and size of lumps They can be made in heavy-or light-duty designs, depending upon the severity of service required, and are usually made up in widths varying from 12 in. to 60 in., depending upon the capacity and size of lumps in the material handled. They are particularly useful as feeders (refer to section 7). In this application, they are generally provided with stationary side plates for increased capacities and handling of large, lumpy materials. Their operating speeds as feeders are slow, not much over 10 fpm, but as conveyors, they can run safely at up to 100 fpm.


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