Handling Special Materials

  • Jacob Fruchtbaum


Manufacturers of conveying equipment, through their Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers’ Association, and as individuals, issue handbooks that recommend equipment for handling various materials under stated conditions. Tables give the weights of the materials, capacities of equipment, abrasiveness, and other pertinent data. The characteristics of material data are data obtained in the western New York area. They may differ slightly from CEMA values applied nationally. The materials listed below are not intended to form an all-inclusive list, but are intended merely to guard against pitfalls and problems that were encountered by various members of our staff in dealing with the products listed. It is hoped that these will act as a guide for similar products. In general the client, through his engineering department, is very familiar with his raw and finished products. Processes where the consulting engineer makes more of the decisions have been dealt with in greater detail. Some items are repeated under various headings.


Wood Chip Belt Conveyor Bituminous Coal Screw Conveyor Traction Wheel 
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