Retinal Edema: Postulated Mechanism(s)

  • Paul Kenking
  • Roy W. Bellhorn
  • Burton Schall


Retinal edema has been recognized and described by ophthalmologists and ophthalmic pathologists for more than a century (Duke-Elder, 1941, 1967). The advent of fluorescein angiography as a practical clinical procedure has revealed that retinal edema is very common, and a major cause of visual disturbance in many conditions (Table 1). In spite of this veritable explosion in clinical knowledge, little has been written about the mechanism(s) of retinal edema. It is generally recognized that the edema follows some derangement of either the blood-retinal (BR) or retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) “barrier”. While there is some information of a general nature concerning these barriers, little is known about the quality and quantity of materials which normally traverse the barriers in order to nourish the retina, and even less about the composition of edema fluid.


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