Epidemiological Aspects of Migraine

  • W. E. Waters


The extensive literature on migraine often mentions its epidemiology. However, almost all these references refer to information derived from selected series of patients with migraine who are seen by doctors with a particular interest in the condition. Whether they are representative of all migraine sufferers is not known. It is likely that patients in such series have more severe, or more frequent, attacks than other individuals with migraine and it may be that they are also different in other respects. One of the difficulties, in elucidating the epidemiology of migraine in a series of patients attending a clinic, is to get suitable “controls”. It is of little help to find out the distribution of blood pressure, or the percentage with a family history of migraine, in migraine patients unless these can be compared with similar data from controls. But who, it may be asked, is a suitable control for such a migraine patient? Is it someone without migraine who attends a doctor? If so, should it be the same doctor? Is it someone without migraine who does not attend a doctor? It can be seen that the problem of selecting suitable controls is difficult as the controls are likely to be different with each of these methods.


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