Aggregation: A General Description

  • Fuad Aleskerov
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Collective decision making on the basis of aggregation procedures (in particular, on basis of voting procedures) dates from antiquity. Plutarch tells in his ’ Lives’ about two rules used at the times of the legendary Spartan king and legislator Lycurgus (IX – VIII cc. B.C.). One rule was used, in modem terms, for electing to a club: ‘And they say that a candidate for membership in one of these messes underwent the following ordeal. Each of the mess-mates took in his hand a bit of soft bread, and when a servant came along with a bowl upon his head, then they cast it into this without a word, like a ballot, leaving it just as it was if he approved of the candidate, but if he disapproved, squeezing it tight in his hand first. For the flattened piece of bread had the force of a perforated, or negative, ballot. And if one such is found in the bowl, the candidate is not admitted to the mess, because they wish all its members to be congenial1’. Only the members of a club participated in the election.


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