Koko Fine Sign Gorilla

  • William A. Hillix
  • Duane M. Rumbaugh
Part of the Developments in Primatology: Progress and Prospects book series (DIPR)


On November 19, 2000, I visited Koko, her male consort Ndume, and her people, Drs. Francine (Penny) Patterson and Ronald (Ron) Cohn. The way to their place leads off highway 280 north of Palo Alto, California, through the small town of Woodside. From there the road winds tortuously up into the Santa Cruz Mountains, nearly, I judged, to the highest point that can be reached by road. As I climbed higher and higher I was thinking, “This may be an appropriate place for mountain gorillas, but Koko and her male consort Ndume, are lowland gorillas—and this certainly isn’t lowland!”


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