Thermal Properties of the Polylactone of Dimethylketene, A New Model Polymer

  • Edward M. BarrallII
  • Duane E. Johnson
  • Barbara L. Dawson


During the past three decades much of the increase in our knowledge of polymeric systems, their physics and thermodynamics, has been based on a relatively few model polymer materials. These are polymers which can be made to certain specifications, whose molecular weight is easy to determine and whose molecular weight distribution and chemical properties may be controlled within certain predetermined limits. For this reason the number of cases where polystyrene and polyformaldehyde (polymethyleneoxide) have been studied far outweighs their commerical importance. To the polymer physicist a new or previously unrecognized model polymer is always of interest.


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  • Edward M. BarrallII
    • 1
  • Duane E. Johnson
    • 1
  • Barbara L. Dawson
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  1. 1.International Business Machines Corporation Research LaboratorySan JoseUSA

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