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Here we present a list of useful formulae encountered in the main text, to which we have added formulae coming from the related theory of microlocal analysis (not necessarily semiclassical). Since this is merely a list, we use either the notation of the main text, or anyway intuitive enough notation in order to avoid making the text heavier by introducing it each time. In any case, references to the main text are given, where the reader will get both the specification of the notation and a proof of the formula. The formulae for nonsemiclassical calculus are obtained by formally replacing h by 1 in the semiclassical formulae. The meaning of the asymptotics depends on the calculus one considers (e.g., modulo O(〈ξ〉)−∞) as |ξ| → ∞ for symbols decaying more and more as they are more and more differentiated with respect to ξ).


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