Semiclassical Pseudodifferential Calculus

  • André Martinez
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As we have already explained, one of the main motivations of the pseudodifferential calculus is to get an algebraic correspondence between the classical observables and the quantum observables (one calls it a quantization of the classical observables). In particular, this would permit us to localize (within the limits allowed by the uncertainty principle) both in position and momentum variables any quantum state ψ: Take a smooth cutoff function χ = χ(x, ξ) (that is, χC 0 (R 2n ), the space of smooth compactly supported functions on R 2n , and χ is close to the characteristic function of some compact subset of R 2n ). Then its associated quantum observable χ(x, ħD x ) applied to ψ will have the effect of (essentially) cutting off the Cartesian product Supp ψ × Supp \(\hat \psi \) outside Supp χ (here Supp stands for the support).


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