Heart Transplantation: The Present and Future — The “Reina Sofia” Hospital (Cordoba, Spain) Experience

  • Manuel Concha
  • Manuel Anguita
  • Anastasio Montero
  • José M. Arizón
  • Federico Vallés
  • José M. Latre
  • Amelia Jiménez
  • Fernando López-Rubio
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Although the first experimental studies on heart transplantation were carried out in the first decade of this century by Carrel and Guthrie(1), it was not until December 2, 1967 that the first heart transplant from a human donor to a recipient with end-stage cardiopathy was performed, by the team led by Dr. Barnard in Capetown, South Africa(2). The technique followed had been developed in Stanford University by Lower and Shumway(3), and still forms the basis of the methods used today by most teams. Since then, advances made in various fields related to transplantation, mainly in immunosuppression and in the diagnosis and treatment of rejection, have given rise to a rapid increase in the number of transplants performed in the world. According to figures provided by the ISHT (International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation) for 1991(4), by the end of 1990 there had been over 15600 orthotopic and over 300 heterotopic heart transplants in over 150 hospitals all over the world. Allowing for the fact that this Registry is voluntary and that not all transplant centers supply the Registry with information, the total is probably even higher.


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  • Manuel Anguita
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  • Anastasio Montero
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  • José M. Arizón
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  • Federico Vallés
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  • José M. Latre
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  • Amelia Jiménez
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