Hydrolases of the Simple Sphingolipids: Ceramide, Glucocerebroside, and Galactocerebroside

  • Norman S. Radin


Publications covering the sphingolipids in some depth are beginning to appear. Burton and Guerra (1974) have just edited a book on lipid chemistry which contains a detailed chapter by Burton on sphingolipids. Proceedings of a 1971 symposium contain useful informal reviews (Volk and Aronson, 1972). Another recent symposium collection by Bernsohn and Grossman (1971) contains articles on the hydrolases. A detailed review of sphingolipid metabolism by Morell and Braun (1972) covers the lipids lacking sialic acid. Gatt (1973) has one chapter on sphingolipid enzymes in a Milan symposium and one with Barenholz (1973) on enzymes of complex lipid metabolism in Annual Reviews. Chapters by Radin and Rosenberg (1970) on cerebrosides and sphingomyelin appeared in Volume 3 of Handbook of Neurochemistry. A chapter on glycolipid metabolism by Dawson (1974) has recently appeared in an edited volume.


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