The Early Years

  • Oleg Y. Grinberg
  • Alexander A. Dubinskii
Part of the Biological Magnetic Resonance book series (BIMR, volume 22)


The aim of this book is to highlight the state of an exciting field that has been developing rapidly in the last decade: Very High Frequency EPR (VHF EPR) or sometimes called Very High Field EPR (conveniently, also abbreviated as VHF EPR).

This introductory chapter covers the early period of the development of High Frequency EPR especially in the group of Yakov Lebedev, from its initiation in 1970 to till 1988. While this introduction provides historical aspects and some insight about the people that have been involved in the development of this field, the rest of the volume is devoted to current developments. The scientific achievements of that period are summarized in several earliest overviews (Grinberg et al., 1981 in Russian) and (Grinberg et al., 1983; Lebedev et al., 1992, available in English). This chapter has been written to highlight the driving forces and restraints, and the steps forward as well as the difficulties that occurred during this exciting period, and solutions that were found to overcome those difficulties. Also it provides additional personal aspects beyond the scientific results.


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  • Oleg Y. Grinberg
    • 1
  • Alexander A. Dubinskii
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  1. 1.Dartmouth Medical SchoolHanoverUSA
  2. 2.Institute of Chemical PhysicsRussian Academy of ScienceMoscowRussia

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