History of Pancreas Transplantation

  • David E. R. Sutherland
  • Rainer W. G. Gruessner


On December 20, 1893, 3 years after von Mering and Minkowski showed that total pancreatectomy in dogs resulted in diabetes mellitus,1 Dr. P. Watson Williams in Bristol, England, grafted three fragments of a pancreas obtained from a freshly slaughtered sheep into the subcutaneous tissue of a 15-year-old boy in extremis, 5 months after clinical onset of diabetes.2 The recipient died 3 days later, not of complications from the unsuccessful transplant but of unrelenting acidosis, a sequela of basically untreated diabetes. At autopsy, the recipient’s own pancreas was shriveled and sections showed little but fibrous stroma. According to Williams, the history and the postmortem examination left little doubt that the patient had “pancreatic diabetes” a case that “presented all the conditions that might lead one to hope for beneficial results from successful grafting of the pancreas, if anything can be hoped for in this direction at all.” He was not discouraged, and further stated that “failure was possibly due to obtaining the graft from a sheep that had been killed by bleeding....If ever I felt justified again in resorting to pancreatic grafts in a similar case, I should obtain them from a living animal anesthetized or dispense with the anesthetic altogether.”


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