Manifestations of Chaos in Quantum Scattering Processes

  • Linda E. Reichl
Part of the Institute for Nonlinear Science book series (INLS)


In the late 1970s, the field of “quantum chaos” underwent a transformation when two seemingly different branches of physics, random matrix theory and chaos theory, merged. The motivating force behind the development of random matrix theory (RMT) as a tool to analyze quantum processes was the inability of the nuclear shell model to describe and classify nuclear scattering states at intermediate energies. Contact between random matrix theory and chaos theory occurred when numerical studies of the statistical properties of the quantized chaotic billiards showed agreement with some nuclear scattering data (see, for example, [McDonald and Kaufman 1979]). This led to the realization that one might see signatures of chaos in nuclear scattering data that involved moderately high-energy nuclear states and opened new directions for the application of quantum chaos theory in open quantum systems.


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