Political Landscape

  • Eleanor Callahan Hunt
  • Sara Breckenridge Sproat
  • Rebecca Rutherford Kitzmiller
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Although the thought of “politics” may make you groan, do not think of politics as a dirty word or something to be avoided by project managers. Think of politics as “slang” describing an organizational work culture and structure. By understanding an organization’s politics and applying organizational cultural and political theories, a project manager can facilitate a project’s acceptance and ease implementation. If you are new to the organization, understanding and hooking into the political network will be necessary. If the project manager is new to the departments outside of her own, then she needs to understand the political climate and landscape quickly. If the project manager is an old hand at all of this, then she should be wary of getting involved in negative aspects of politics that may negatively impact a successful implementation.


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  • Sara Breckenridge Sproat
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  • Rebecca Rutherford Kitzmiller
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  2. 2.67th Combat Support Hospital, UnitWuerzburgGermany
  3. 3.Duke University Health SystemDurhamUSA

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