System Deployment

  • Eleanor Callahan Hunt
  • Sara Breckenridge Sproat
  • Rebecca Rutherford Kitzmiller
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System deployment (also called go-live and rollout in the literature) includes the activities undertaken by the project team to prepare areas for the use of the live system. The deployment plan organizes the activities and provides a quick reference to be used to evaluate a system and organizational readiness to install and use a system. Planning for system deployment actually begins during the system selection phase (Chapter 4) and is continually updated and adjusted during product customization and training. During the Request for Proposal (RFP) and contract phases, the system is assessed for its ability to function within the information infrastructure of the organization (e.g., system and organization both use the same type of network), and modifications are added to the project plan. Additionally, hardware and software purchases are identified (e.g., desktop computer terminals are needed in 50% of the work areas) and product customization and configuration changes are identified. The deployment checklist is used to confirm that all required installations, customizations, testing, and training are complete before go-live.


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