Intraoperative Complications

  • Mitchel S. Hoffman
  • William N. Spellacy


Significant intraoperative complications are an infrequent occurrence during vaginal hysterectomy. It is that very infrequency that catches the surgeon off guard and creates an uncertainty about how to proceed. The relatively limited exposure afforded during vaginal surgery compounds the uncertainty of the surgeon and increases the difficulty of managing certain complications. This chapter discusses the prevention, récognition, and management of the more common intraoperative complications that occur during vaginal hysterectomy. With proper attention to detail, most complications can be recognised and effectively managed transvaginally. Cystoscopy is a useful adjuvant in the armamentarium of the gynecologic surgeon, and familiarity with and liberal use of this procedure are encouraged. For complicated urologic injuries (ureteral, bladder base), one should not hesitate to obtain help from a urologist.


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