Frothers and Frothing

Flotation Froths and Foams
  • S. Ramachandra Rao


Foams and froths are of considerable practical importance not only in froth flotation of minerals or in adsorptive bubble-separation techniques applied to water purification but also in the food industry. Protein-stabilized foams have to be carefully controlled in the boiling and the fermentation stages of food preparation. Fire-fighting foams must meet exacting specifications as regards drainage, high temperature stability, speed of generation, etc. Obnoxious foams in boilers and in various stages of oil production and processing must be effectively combated. There have been several books and numerous reviews published on the subject of foams, for example, Bikerman et al. (1953), Manegold (1953), de Vries (1957), Kitchener and Cooper (1959), and Akers (proceedings of a symposium held in 1976), Wilson (1989), Dukhin et al. (1995), Prud'homme and Khan (1996).


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