Theme Group 3: The Role of Technology

  • Marjorie Carss


Films, video, calculators, computers, TV, OHPs, slides, tape are becoming available resources to a growing proportion of the teaching profession, with newer developments such as video disc also within sight. This theme was concerned with how best to understand the use of these media with their wide ranging educational materials and to begin to identify or, in some cases, report on effective roles for them. There was also an urgent need to consider their effect on the current mathematics curriculum itself and their effect on our patterns of learning and teaching. Each of these diverse media has its own spectrum of possibilities and questions; accordingly it was decided to offer 17 working groups each considering different topics but grouped under 6 major headings:
  • Challenges to the Curriculum;

  • Algorithms and Programming;

  • Television, Video and Film;

  • Classroom Dynamics;

  • Teacher Education;

  • Miscellaneous.


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