Operations for Pancreatic Cyst

  • Jameson L. Chassin


The proper operation for cystadenoma, a neoplasm that has the potential of containing malignancy, is a resection. On the other hand, most pseudocysts may be cured by drainage. Therefore it is important to make an accurate diagnosis before selecting the operation for a pancreatic cyst. A pseudocyst, which is often preceded by one or more attacks of acute pancreatitis, frequently produces upper abdominal pain, occasionally nausea and vomiting, mild leukocytosis, and an elevated serum amylase. The cystadenoma, on the other hand, produces few symptoms. In any case, during the course of performing a drainage operation on a suspected pseudocyst, always excise a segment of the cyst wall for immediate frozen-section histopathology to rule out cystadenoma or cystadenocarcinoma. This is particularly important because resecting a cystadenocarcinoma results in a highly satisfactory 5-year survival rate (over 50%).


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