ALI GORI and the CAVE of NIGHT (consider the heavens)

  • Robert Gilmore


“Of course, Prince Charming would not really have been made up from ‘charm’ quarks,” mused the Storyteller. “They are unstable and decay with such a short lifetime that he would have exploded in a tiny fraction of a second. Had he actually existed, he would have been formed from ‘up’ and ‘down’ quarks like everyone else. Of course as he was entirely fictional, it is pointless to debate the physical composition he did not possess.

“Anyway,” he continued abruptly, “you have now heard both about motion and about matter, so you may usefully begin to contemplate the Universe at large. The Universe, as you know, is full of stars, and the nature and distribution of these is a wonder to contemplate. All the stars, all the great galaxies that contain hundreds of billions of stars, all the super clusters of galaxies, the great web of matter that fills the Universe... “

“You haven’t told us about any of these things!” protested Rachel.

The Storyteller stopped short in mid-flow. “No, I haven’t, have I?” he admitted. “I had better remedy that. I shall tell you a tale that depicts the huge extent and variety of the Universe around you. Quieten down then, and I shall tell you the tale of ‘Ali Gori and the Cave of Night.’ Our previous stories have been of a prince and a princess, but now I shall speak of a rather ordinary young man.”

As his audience settled down reasonably attentively the Storyteller took a deep breath and began. “Ali Gori was a young man of no remarkable birth but some ingenuity. He lived in a far-off desert land, and one day was making his way through that desert...


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