Evaluation: A Means to Better Results

  • Hans Peterson
  • Ulla Gerdin Jelger
Part of the Computers in Health Care book series (HI)


Implementation of computer support in health care means changes in work methods, work routines, work organization, distribution of responsibilities, content and environment of work, and degree of service to the patient. The cost of health care is also affected, as are the staff and the patient. Every computer installed in a hospital affects the entire organization. The work for many of the staff will be changed; some parts of it disappear; new activities are added. Depending on the way the computer support works, the daily work situation will be affected positively or negatively. Both direct and indirect users will be affected. At the point when a decision is made to introduce a system, the requirements are often only partially apparent. Routines and work may be incompletely identified, or data collection and output needs may be inadequately defined.


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