HSF: The iOpt’s Framework to Easily Design Metaheuristic Methods

  • Raphaël Dorne
  • Christos Voudouris
Part of the Applied Optimization book series (APOP, volume 86)


The Heuristic Search Framework (HSF) is aJava object-oriented framework allowing to easily implement single solution algorithms such as Local Search, population-based algorithms such as Genetic Algorithms, and hybrid methods being a combination of the two. The main idea in HSF is to break down any of these heuristic algorithms into a plurality of constituent parts. Thereafter, a user can use this library of parts to build existing or new algorithms. The main motivation behind HSF is to provide a “well-designed” framework dedicated to heuristic methods in order to offer representation of existing methods and to retain flexibility to build new ones. In addition, the use of the infra-structure of the framework avoid the need to re-implement parts that have already been incorporated in HSF and reduces the code necessary to extend existing components.


Heuristic search framework Local search Evolutionary algorithms Hybrid algorithms iOpt. 


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  • Raphaël Dorne
    • 1
  • Christos Voudouris
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  1. 1.Intelligent Complex Systems Research GroupBTexact TechnologiesSuffolkUK

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