Gaining Physician Acceptance

  • Nancy M. Lorenzi
  • Robert T. Riley
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Physicians don’t really resist the implementation of new information technology (IT) systems, do they?
  • In one hospital, the residents were so resistant to a specific new information system that they designed and wore buttons that boldly proclaimed their rejection of the system.

  • In another organization, nurses were so frustrated that the new system “bypassed” them that they complained bitterly to the administration.

  • In another hospital, the surgeons insisted that one module of the information system be disabled for fear that it would provide data for possible malpractice claims—despite their ready acknowledgment that the use of the information was improving patient care results.

  • One clinician said, “Every time they make a change, it takes me 6 months to recover!”

  • In a medical practice group, the physicians in one specialty refused to change to a new practice management system after hearing rumors that the new system might negatively affect their collections.


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