Neurology and Behavior: Some Professional Problems

  • William H. Gaddes


The traditional educational view in the past has stressed a training for teachers that often includes teaching methods of the common academic subjects; educational psychology, which may be vaguely defined; a descriptive course in child development; philosophy and history of education; tests and measurements; and practice teaching. The teacher trainee may also receive either some academic training in a broad exposure to the elementary school courses or, in the better training schools, a bachelor’s degree with a double major in two academic subjects that may be taught in the high school. This may be a full and demanding training program, but its emphasis includes a consideration of the methods of teaching certain academic subjects and a purely behavioral view of the child. In almost no training programs in the past has the teacher trainee been taught anything about the brain-behavior relationship, even though the brain and central nervous system are the principal organs in all forms of complex learning. Training programs for clinical psychologists have also neglected training in neuropsychology.


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