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Subtrochanteric Fractures

  • Kenneth J. Koval
  • Joseph D. Zuckerman


Subtrochanteric fractures those between the lesser trochanter and the isthmus (narrowest portion) of the femoral shaft (Figure 7.1) —account for approximately 5% to 34% of all hip fractures.1 Boyd and Griffin, in a review of 300 hip fractures, classified 26.7% as subtrochanteric.2 Michelson et al. reported that 14% of hip fractures in patients over age 50 years were located in the subtrochanteric region.3 At the Hospital for Joint Diseases, subtrochanteric fractures account for approximately 5% of hip fractures in patients over 65 years of age. A review of retrospective studies reveals that the incidence of these fractures exhibits a bimodal age distribution, with high-energy injuries occurring more frequently in younger individuals and low-energy injures occurring more frequently in the elderly.4–7


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