Semikinematical Theory

  • Ullrich Pietsch
  • Václav Holý
  • Tilo Baumbach
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In the previous two chapters we dealt with two limiting approaches for the theoretical description of x-ray scattering, namely, kinematical theory, where we have neglected multiple scattering, and dynamical theory, where the multiple scattering processes have been treated exactly. In most cases, the kinematical approach is sufficient for scattering in thin layers; however, it fails in some cases, especially in a surface-sensitive arrangement, where the interaction of the x-rays with the sample is rather strong. The application of the dynamical theory is limited to the simplest trivial cases (a perfect crystal or a perfectly pseudomorph layered system); in many practical cases the dynamical formulas are too complicated and not practicable. In this chapter we describe a semikinematical approach that can be used in these cases.


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