Modification of the van der Waals Model for Dense States of Matter

  • A. B. Medvedev
Part of the High-Pressure Shock Compression of Condensed Matter book series (SHOCKWAVE)


Modeling the behavior of matter under various influences requires a knowledge of the equation of state. Equations of state are often required to cover a wide range, including solid, liquid, gas, and plasma states. If the material is chemically complicated, it is necessary to take possible chemical reactions into account. The problem of calculation of an equation of state from basic principles has not yet been solved by modern methods. This causes practical use of various semi-empirical models having free parameters that are chosen based on the description of experimental and theoretical data. Forms of model equations are rather varied [1]. The models have different kinds of complication, different numbers of free parameters, and describe a variety of states. Desirable properties of models are a wide range of applicability, simplicity, and the capability to describe limiting situations of high pressure and temperature where theoretical techniques of calculation are suitable. It is rather difficult to reach such a compromise, which is why models often have either local validity, agreeing with experimental data within only narrow ranges of states, or are complicated and have a large number of free parameters whose selection is often difficult because of lack of the information needed to carry it out.


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