Centrally Guided Distributed Information Systems: The Next Step

  • Robert G. Winfree
  • Jane G. Elchlepp
  • William W. Stead
Part of the Computers in Health Care book series (HI)


The 1990s herald the beginning of the fourth decade of the use of computers in the healthcare setting. Issues concerning the attributes of the next generation of information systems are now evident. The changing landscape of the healthcare system is creating a need for more powerful and comprehensive systems which can offer improved information management. These requirements are driven by the functional needs of institutions and the expectations of increasingly sophisticated system users. Furthermore, they are evolving at a pace which that mandates system solutions be flexible and responsive. New patterns of systems leadership, user involvement, and systems design must be developed and nurtured; and a new generation of systems must be developed that will serve these changing needs.


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  • Robert G. Winfree
  • Jane G. Elchlepp
  • William W. Stead

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