CIO Stories, III Methodist Healthcare System, San Antonio: Redesign of Clinical Documentation

  • Jennifer Allan Browne
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In 1994 the Meditech1 hospital information system was installed in four hospitals within the Methodist Healthcare System (MHS) in San Antonio, Texas. Most modules, such as Lab, Radiology, Pharmacy, and Order Entry, stabilized rapidly and well. The Clinical Documentation module, however, stalled with design problems. Two years after installation, unresolved clinical issues remained:
  • Documentation time had increased.

  • Complex care plans did not effectively communicate patient problems.

  • Excessive interventions were needed to support daily documentation.

  • The patient care plan did not connect with the daily documentation record.

  • Accuracy of the medical record decreased.

  • Fragmented data were produced.

  • Medical records accumulated duplicate and conflicting information.

  • Extracting concurrent and retrospective data proved difficult.

  • Physician dissatisfaction with nursing and the medical record had increased.


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