CIO Stories, I Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago: Patients First, from the Ground Up

  • Timothy R. Zoph
Part of the Health Informatics Series book series (HI)


Imagine ... You enter a healthcare facility from any entrance, and you are welcomed as a valued guest. The traditional registration process is replaced by “smart desks” where attendants review your information, already in the computer, and then send you on your way. Imagine ... You take a seat, and when it is time for your appointment, a patient escort, wearing a headset, appears at your side and greets you quietly and confidentially before accompanying you to and from your procedure. In constant electronic communication with your caregivers, your escort has kept you informed of any delays. Imagine ... While at the facility, you and members of your family have access to a Health Learning Center where you can electronically explore the most advanced information available on your health concerns.


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