What It’s Like To Be a Family Physician

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It is appropriate in introducing this chapter to identify through whose eyes the concept has been conceived. Although these expressions are personal, they typify a present-day family physician. I have been in the practice of family medicine for 15 years. As many other family physicians have done, I have changed my mode of practice from time to time. The first five years’ experience was as a member of a three-man, call- and expense-sharing group in a small midwestern town. In the past ten years, I have been in solo practice with my office located approximately 16 miles between three cities of 50,000 people. In my present location, my patient population consists of 40 percent factory workers, 40 percent farmers, and the remainder other professionals and medicaid patients. My practice represents a good cross section of all age groups. I still deliver approximately 50 babies each year. It is estimated that 4000 patients are actively seen and cared for in my office.


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