The Family Physician

  • Lawrence L. Hirsch


At one time I had a dog. I called him Chief, my wife and children called him Chief, and so did our friends and relatives. The registration papers tagged the dog Allowat Sakema (Mohican for Mighty Chief). It could be interesting to ask what was the dog’s name; what was his real name; and really, what was his name? Similarly, there has been some pedantic drivel in regard to family medicine vs. family practice. Early in the development of professional turf, delineation was made between academician and practitioner. When differentiation appeared, so did “general” practitioner. More recently, the family concept was recognized as enormously important; and it had to be named. From time immemorial man has put labels on things and ideas. All too often it then became easier or more convenient to discuss labels rather than referents—with obvious resultant confusion, rancor, absurdity, and bathos. For my part, family physicians practice family medicine.


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