Synaptic Mechanisms Possibly Concerned in Learning and Memory (cf. Eccles, 1966b, 1966c)

  • John C. Eccles
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The word “memory” is a term now being used for a very wide range of phenomena that involve the storage of information and the retrieval or read-out of this information. Hence we have genetic memory, as, for example, may be illustrated by the statement of Eigen (1964) that “DNA for instance has memory.” Also the term is used in relationship to immunology (immunological memory). Such diversity of usage means that the term memory as such needs specification. I shall adhere to the original restricted sense, and associate memory with that property of the central nervous system whereby it is effective both in the storage and retrieval of information. This property has been termed psychic memory, and may be considered to have two components, learning and remembering, corresponding to storage and retrieval of information.


Pyramidal Cell Dendritic Spine Pyramidal Tract Apical Dendrite Retrograde Amnesia 
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