Combined Transport Operation

Combined transport concept. Containerization. International road haulage. Piggy back operation. Train ferries. Inland waterways
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In international trade a multi-modal or combined transport service entails the use of more than one mode of transport on a particular journey offered by a single operator acting as principal for the entire journey. It is thus a through transport service from door to door or warehouse to warehouse; it is orientated to the needs of the user in that it caters for the entire consignment journey required, in contrast to a traditional single-mode service covering only the leg of the journey performed by the one mode. Operators may attempt to offer a combined service by subcontracting to operators in other modes, but they cannot be called multi-modal transport operators until they accept the responsibility of acting as principal. Any mode of transport — road, rail, inland waterway, sea or air — may be involved in a multi-modal transport operation.


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