Manifolds and Vector Bundles

  • R. O. WellsJr.
Part of the Graduate Texts in Mathematics book series (GTM, volume 65)


There are many classes of manifolds which are under rather intense investigation in various fields of mathematics and from various points of view. In this book we are primarily interested in differentiate manifolds and complex manifolds. We want to study (a) the “geometry” of manifolds, (b) the analysis of functions (or more general objects) which are defined on manifolds, and (c) the interaction of (a) and (b). Our basic interest will be the application of techniques of real analysis (such as differential geometry and differential equations) to problems arising in the study of complex manifolds. In this chapter we shall summarize some of the basic definitions and results (including various examples) of the elementary theory of manifolds and vector bundles. We shall mention some nontrivial embedding theorems for differentiable and real-analytic manifolds as motivation for Kodaira’s characterization of projective algebraic manifolds, one of the principal results which will be proved in this book (see Chap. VI). The “geometry” of a manifold is, from our point of view, represented by the behavior of the tangent bundle of a given manifold. In Sec. 2 we shall develop the concept of the tangent bundle (and derived bundles) from, more or less, first principles. We shall also discuss the continuous and C classification of vector bundles, which we shall not use in any real sense but which we shall meet a version of in Chap. III, when we study Chern classes. In Sec. 3 we shall introduce almost complex structures and the calculus of differential forms of type (p, q), including a discussion of integrability and the Newlander-Nirenberg theorem.


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