Interest Rate Modeling

  • You-lan Zhu
  • Xiaonan Wu
  • I-Liang Chern
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As pointed out in Section 2.9, when the spot interest rate is considered as a random variable, there is an unknown function λ(r, t), called the market price of risk, in the governing equation. Before using the governing equation for evaluating an interest rate derivative, we have to find this function (or make some assumptions on it). This function cannot be obtained by statistics directly from the market data. In Section 4.4, the inverse problem on the market price of risk was formulated. This problem can be solved by numerical methods. However, if the problem is formulated in another way, then the inverse problem may be solved more efficiently. Therefore, in Section 8.1, we first discuss another formulation of the inverse problem and then we give numerical methods for both formulations and show some numerical examples. Then, numerical methods for one-factor interest rate derivatives are described, and some numerical results are shown in Section 8.2. Because interest rate derivative problems are so complicated, for many cases, use of multi-factor models is necessary. In the last section, we study how to price interest rate derivatives using the three-factor model and the market data.


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