Cytologic Correlations

  • William W. Johnston


The year 1943 marked the opening of a new era in cellular pathology when George Nicholas Papanicolaou, in association with Herbert Traut, a gynecologist, published a monograph entitled The Diagnosis of Uterine Cancer by the Vaginal Smear.1 The maturation of this morphologic discipline has been cited by Fred Stewart (as reviewed by Koss2) as constituting one of the most significant developments in the history of cancer diagnosis.2 Now, nearly five decades later, one can see an international medical and scientific community in which the speciality of clinical diagnostic cytology has gained an essential place. Currently, it is difficult to find any hospital or related medical institution without a laboratory devoted to diagnostic cytology. Although evaluation of cellular specimens taken from the female genital tract, the so-called Papanicolaou smears, continues to occupy a major focus of attention, a close second is the area of diagnostic cytology of the lung and pleura. Almost from the very beginning of the modern era of cytology when the role of the cellular specimen in the diagnosis of genital cancer was being demonstrated, it was quite evident that this technique could also be very significant in the diagnosis of diseases of the lungs. Indeed, that is precisely what has happened.


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