Vasculitides and Angiocentric Lymphoproliferative Processes

  • Mario J. Saldana


Various compartments of the lung may act as focal points of disease. This chapter* presents an assortment of diseases that have vascular involvement as their main focus. The type of involvement may vary, but most of those to be discussed present grossly and radiographically as smaller nodules, solitary larger masses, and sometimes as multiple masses or regular infiltrates. Microscopically, these show the following: (1) involvement of pulmonary arteries and veins by a cellular infiltrate of varied composition and significance, frequently progressing to vascular destruction, thrombosis, and obliteration; (2) parenchymal cellular infiltrates identical to and continuous with those involving vessels, commonly associated with extensive necrosis to the point of cavitation; (3) an accompanying, nonspecific reaction of the adjacent lung tissue including bronchiolitis obliterans, endogenous lipid pneumonia, and fibrosis. Although extrapulmonary involvement is common, the pulmonary picture usually remains the central feature in these disorders.


Giant Cell Arteritis Polyarteritis Nodosa Lymphomatoid Granulomatosis Hypersensitivity Vasculitis Pulmonary Vasculitis 
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