Hypertension and Insulin Resistance

  • Andrea Natali
  • Stefano Taddei
  • Ele Ferrannini
Part of the Contemporary Biomedicine book series (CB, volume 15)


The demonstration of a defect in insulin-mediated glucose metabolism in essential hypertension has raised the interest of both the “metabolists,” who have gained new insight into the pathogenesis of insulin resistance, and the “hypertensionologists,” who have focused attention on the cardiovascular actions of insulin. Although the metabolic consequences of insulin resistance are well established, there are differing views regarding the pathogenesis of the defect and its impact on blood pressure (BP) homeostasis. Whether high BP and insulin resistance have a common genetic basis, or whether they share common pathogenetic links (in this case, whether one affects the other or both stem from a common abnormality) is still debated. These possibilities are under active investigation, and although a comprehensive explanation for the observed association is not yet available, the effort has rapidly led to the accumulation of physiologically relevant information. In the present chapter, we shall try to separate facts from opinions with full cognizance that this scope will not be entirely met. Particularly with a complex issue, some degree of bias is inevitable.


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