Deposition Equipment

  • Jeffrey B. Fortin
  • Toh-Ming Lu


The main pieces of a parylene CVD system are the sublimation furnace, the pyrolysis furnace, the deposition chamber and the vacuum pumping system. There are other necessities as well, like a deposition chamber, pressure measurement system and heating tapes to keep areas of the system from having dimer or polymer deposited on them. Of course one also wants easy access to load the dimer, as well as a good design for a substrate holder that will allow for a variety of substrates to be coated with the best uniformity. Ari experimental system cari easily be designed and put together in the lab. There are a handful of suppliers of quality vacuum system components and furnaces that one can choose from at reasonable prices. There are a few good suppliers of used vacuum equipment as well if the budget is tight. There is a great text out on vacuum technology that all users of vacuum systems should read. It is titled “A User’s Guide to Vaccum Technology“ by John F. O’Hanlon [101].


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