Study of Strange Attractors by Generalized Cell Mapping

  • C. S. Hsu
Part of the Applied Mathematical Sciences book series (AMS, volume 64)


In recent years the phenomenon of strange attractors has received a great deal of attention. The literature is too vast to be quoted extensively here. Many of the papers may be found in Feigenbaum [1980], Ott [1981], Lichtenberg and Lieberman [1982], Jensen and Oberman [1982], Guckenheimer and Holmes [1983], and Hao [1984]. The basic intrigue of this phenomenon comes from the observation that although a strange attractor yields a chaotic motion, the originating system may very well be entirely deterministic in nature. Not only is the phenomenon interesting physically and mathematically, but it also appears in many different fields. Therefore, it deserves to be studied in great depth.


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